New Flat Roofs

At Coopers Complete Roofing we offer a complete, flat roof replacement service. First, we remove existing roof membranes, no matter whether they are asphalt, mineral felt or asbestos. Then we remove and replace any broken or damaged boards. After that, we inspect the joists and remove any that are damaged or defective. Finally, we fit new decking board designed specifically for flat roofs. All of our new board is BBM approved oriented strand board, designed for this particular purpose.

Complete Service

At Coopers Complete Roofing, we believe in providing our customers with a complete service. That’s why we offer all our new flat roof customers a choice of insulation and venting options. We will supply insulation and venting with each new flat roof that we sell.

Our specialist craftsmen will also be able to assist you on matters such as liquid rubber systems and mastic asphalting. We also offer rubberbond fleeceback EPDM for those who need extremely durable flat roofing solutions.

Different Degrees of Roofing System

We offer different degrees of roofing systems, depending on your quality and durability requirements. Our high-end performance system aggregates three separate roofing layers. The innermost layer is a perforated sheet that allows the roof to breathe. On top of that is a layer of torch felt, which keeps the roof waterproofed. The outermost layer is a mineral cap sheet.

Chimney Stacks

At Coopers Complete Roofing, we pride ourselves on our expertise in chimney stack repairs.

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Roof Cleaning

There comes a time in the life of most roofs when they are in need of restoration, both on domestic and commercial premises.

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UPVC Soffits And Guttering

One of the most important reasons our customers come to us is that they want to improve the appearance of their homes.

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